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Bachelor in Molecular Biology and Genetics


The science of Genetics is improving more and more each day with the introduction of new research areas those of which lead to encoding the genetic codes that programs the formation of living organisms and use of these codes for other areas such as medicine, biotechnology and agriculture.

Following the advances in the field of Genetics and the process started with characterization of human genome, we have seen unprecedented collection of data in the area of life sciences. With advances in technology, this data pool is increasing exponentially every day. The science of Bioinformatics has emerged, in order to collate, interpret, store, visualize and to get the most out of this huge set of data, as a synthesis of mathematics, statistics, computer science, molecular biology and genetics. In many developed countries, this branch is available both at undergraduate and graduate level whereas for the first time in our country, undergraduate level education is given at Bahcesehir University.

Within the scope of Department of Molecular Biology and Genetic, fundamentals and discipline of engineering is taught. On this basis, compulsory courses like genetics, computational biology, programming, algorithm is given and also for the determination of the specialization areas, technical elective courses in special areas like comparative genomics, plant genetics, human genetics, data mining is presented. Department of Molecular Biology and Genetic is aiming to educate people that have learned the knowledge, concepts and theories in their areas, been dominated at research methods, gained skills on applied sciences, accomplished learning and that will be capable of carrying out the required tasks for their profession.

Quick Facts

Full-time Duration: 4 years
Starting in: September
Tuition Fee: $ 7.900 per year
Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Within this program, there will be specific collaborations in the area of Genetic Bioinformatics programs with American Universities that we have signed joint program agreements with. Our university currently has 21 cooperation agreements with other universities including twelve in USA, four in the Far East and five in Europe and Asia. In addition, the successful students will have the chance to do rotations at American universities that Bahcesehir University is in cooperation with.  With our video conferencing system, our students will have the chance to watch and attend different events via live connections to and from USA and Bahcesehir University organizes programs with US and European universities on continues basis.

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When I first came to Istanbul and started at BAU 3 years ago , I was unsure about my future and anxious about the challenges I was going to face like the language barrier and cultural differences.. But Bahcesehir University gave me the support and confidence to grow both personally and professionally because of its very caring, homely and diverse environment.
apart from my study, I have been involved with various activities such as being the Head of event organization in the bahcesehir international student’s committee club (BISC)- which I was previously a part of as the Egyptians representative – as well as my work in the university’s international student’s office where I use my academic and professional skills to improve current and newly registered students lives by answering their frequently asked questions whenever I can.
I am grateful to all my BAU professors , colleagues and friends who I now call FAMILY .

Salsabeel Abdulhady

Health Sciences

Career Opportunities

Genetic Bioinformatics Sciences has an extremely bright future in the world and in our country. It has a primary priority within research support programs. Its amongst the businesses that has a great potential. In our country, the demand for graduates, the quality of jobs created is increasing and proposed work quality is improving every year. Our graduates will have the chance to work for public and private sectors, (such as pharmaceutical, biomedical, biotechnology, agriculture and food sectors, the research-development units, environmental protection, quality control departments), for research institutes as researchers or at administrative roles, for medical sector as genetic specialists (such as hospitals research labs, clinical genetics departments, pediatric genetics departments, in vitro fertilization units). Another option for our graduates is academic career for which they’ll have the chance to easily continue their post graduate education at foreign or Turkish universities.

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